This past Friday the VeggieByte crew attended the Vegan Street Fair nights in North Hollywood at The Federal Bar. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we were presently surprised by the atmosphere and organization of the event. Everything seemed to be carefully thought out, with the crowd in mind. When you entered the venue since it was 21 and over you need to show id. The security team was very friendly but effective and made you feel safe. Clean up was around the clock so everything looked tidy and clean throughout the night. The place was nicely lit for a night event. Also shoutout to the DJ who kept the night moving with really good music.


When we walked into the venue you were greeted with 6 or so giant Jenga games laid out in two rows of three. Past the Jenga games was seating in the middle, with two rows to walk around the left and right. Food was to the Left along the wall and the stage was to the right against the far wall. There was plenty of seating available with large round tables and many tabletops for those that wanted to stand. To the back of the parking lot there were large tables with umbrellas for people that wanted to get out of the sun. Past that was the alcohol tent and to the right that you could find table tennis, a pool table, and foosball. Bathrooms were located discreetly behind black screens.



When we got in we decided to try out the food first. By far one of the most impressive experiences was the lack of long lines at the vendors. It made it a breeze to sample all of the various dishes. The signage was eye catching and listed the very reasonable prices. The food was so tasty and on point. The on tap kombucha was refreshing, that everyone went back for seconds. The choices of food ranged from dumplings to carnitas fries. We even had vegan sushi! The food was well prepared and the portions were perfect. Hot when it needed to be and cold when it should.


This didn’t feel like a regular vegan fair or festival. It had more of a private party feel. Everyone was friendly and open to conversation. The long lines were few and various vegan celebrities were open to chat and share their experiences. Even the vendors seemed to be enjoying themselves. If I were to explain it in one word I would say it was very chill. One of the most entertaining parts of the night was the show put on by FlashPants. If I tried to explain them it wouldn’t do them justice. You just need to see them for yourself.


If we had to rate this festival we would give it a 9/10. It was the perfect mix of vegan food, games, entertainment, and people. We anxiously await the next event!

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