Plant based diet transition. What now?

Plant Based Diet Transition By RJ Blackman Congrats you have decided to go vegan or vegetarian(Plant Based Diet).  Maybe it was a back and forth decision for you or an easy cold tofurky choice, but whatever the reason you have decided to change your diet and you should feel great. The first step is making […]

Long Distance Vegetarian Runner

By Megan Foley As a vegetarian for the last twenty two years and a runner for even longer than that, I’m constantly asked the question about whether my diet has helped or hurt my fitness. A large percentage of the population assumes that because I’m not eating meat, I’m not getting enough protein or iron […]

Vegetarian with a Nut Allergy!?

By Shelby Ward My tongue felt itchy for the first time. I was an older toddler visiting my cousin’s house. I don’t remember what games we played, but I never forgot that itchy feeling on my tongue after eating a banana-nut muffin. It was the first time I had eaten tree nuts. I am one […]

Veggiebtye Reveiw @Vegan Street Fair Nights

Overall: This past Friday the VeggieByte crew attended the Vegan Street Fair nights in North Hollywood at The Federal Bar. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we were presently surprised by the atmosphere and organization of the event. Everything seemed to be carefully thought out, with the crowd in mind. When you entered the […]