Red and Fava Bean Soup

Vegan 40 minutes Beginner By Kacie I was looking to make a black bean soup but how our pantry is set up I didn’t have any. So I thought quickly about what could be used as a substitute. Since most beans are mild in flavor they can be used interchangeably. I decided to use red beans and […]

Vegan Beyond Burgers

Vegan 30 minutes By RJ Blackman Growing up vegan we often would have veggie burgers with our meals, but not on a bun. My mom would bake them or grill them with a little bit of her home made sauce. Since that time I have tried numerous types of veggie burgers and Beyond Burger has to […]

Vegan Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

Vegan 2 hours and 10 Minutes (following dough recipe) 1 hour and 10 minutes ( Dough already complete) Everybody loves pizza…especially homemade. We made our own spin on some of our favorite pizzas. Whether you like pesto, margherita, or animal lovers we have you covered! Making your own homemade pizza is easy, fun, and can be a […]

Vegan Buddha Bowl

Vegan 30 minutes Serves: 8-10 After attending the Vegan Street Fair Nights we were inspired by Mr. V the Veganator and Vegan Fat Kid to change our diet and reshape our bodies with cleaner food. Being a vegan you think you are eating healthy but we discovered we needed to cut back on salt. We decided […]

Paratha (Indian Flatbread)

The paratha is an important part of a traditional South Asian breakfast. Paratha is traditionally made using ghee or oil. It can be stuffed with potatoes, paneer (cheese), cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, onions, or chili peppers. This buttery flatbread pairs really well with Indian classics like chana masala and baigan bharta (mashed eggplant). Or it can […]

Quick and Tasty Vegan Seafood Pasta

Vegan 25 Minutes Beginner A good meal brings family and friends to the table especially a flavorful pasta dish! In this vegan seafood pasta dish we decided to try out a few new seasonings that would give it a different flavor. Adding seaweed to your pasta sauce and pairing it with Gardein’s fish fillets was a winner. […]