Refreshing Kale Juice

Vegan   10 minutes  Beginner Kale Juice By Kacie Servings: 2 cups Everybody singing now, pass that Kale Juice (in my Pharrell singing voice). Aww hail that KALE. Shout out to my Cousin E for being the inspiration behind this Kale juice. Kale is so versatile….Kale in the morning, Kale in the evening, Kale at suppertime. As you […]

Watermelon Lemonade

Vegan 15 minutes Beginner What a treat watermelon lemonade is. It is so refreshing and light. I stumbled upon this mixture a few years ago. As I walked through the farmers market I spotted this perfect organic watermelon. One day I bought a big one. As I got home and cut it up, I realized I had […]