Plant based diet transition. What now?

Plant Based Diet Transition By RJ Blackman Congrats you have decided to go vegan or vegetarian(Plant Based Diet).  Maybe it was a back and forth decision for you or an easy cold tofurky choice, but whatever the reason you have decided to change your diet and you should feel great. The first step is making […]

Spicy Vegan Crab Mac & Cheese

Vegan 1hour 30mins Intermediate Cookware needed: 3 qt baking dish (Stoneware if possible) 2 – Large stainless steel pots Baking tray Blender This Mac & Cheese recipe has evolved since I was a young kid growing up. When we were first vegan there weren’t as many options for cheeses as there are now. I learned to make […]

Vegan Pancit & Vegetable Dumplings

Vegan Pancit 25 minutes, Dumplings 25 minutes By Master Chef Ramon: Servings 5-6 Master Chef Ramon is back at it again! Not only did he make dumplings and dipping sauce but also pancit! For those of us who may be unfamiliar with pancit, it is a noodle dish that is usually served with chicken and pork. So […]

Soup Shooter and Honey Basil Grilled Cheese

Vegan 20 minutes   Beginner Like any creation, a grilled cheese sandwich does not have to be plain. Our version of the grilled cheese sandwich came from a “Little” family experimentation in the kitchen. Honey and basil make this grilled cheese the perfect blend of sweet and savory. Most often you’ll find that grilled cheese is served […]

Dan Dan Noodle

Vegan 20 minutes  Beginner Via: Dan Dan noodles or Dandanmian are a traditional Chinese noodle dish originating from Chinese Sichuan cuisine. This dish is great to eat just with the noodles by itself or you can add vegetables and tofu, which we did. Incorporating tofu adds protein to your dish and if you want a little […]

Vegetarian with a Nut Allergy!?

By Shelby Ward My tongue felt itchy for the first time. I was an older toddler visiting my cousin’s house. I don’t remember what games we played, but I never forgot that itchy feeling on my tongue after eating a banana-nut muffin. It was the first time I had eaten tree nuts. I am one […]